Membership Directory Software

Our membership directory software is a complete membership database that combines power and flexibility to save you time and organize your membership data. Whether you’re a single user handling membership on a home computer, or an administrator in a large, multi-user organization, our software will streamline your membership data and make it work for you.

Our membership software has proven its value and capability to a wide variety of organizations. Some typical organizations successfully managing their data with our software include: fitness clubs, churches, universities, hospitals, business chambers, homeowners’ associations, golf courses, political parties, football clubs and social clubs of every kind. These organizations range in size from a few hundred to over 10 000 members.

The administrator or the owner of the platform can search, filter, add, delete, show, sort, edit and view the membership data. Not only does the database save all the entries for you, it also allows you to download all your data in a standard csv format for viewing in Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Members can register and submit their information on the front end of your website or from the link that you have shared with them. The data can be displayed publicly on the frontend of your website or kept  private, which means it can only be accessed by the team members authorized by you. Some additional functionality features that are available are: Member register & login, content / web pages lock, password reset etc. We host your database for you on our special dedicated servers here at Khula Website Design.

From our software we can create the following platforms:

  • Business Listings
  • Team Directory
  • Real Estate Directory
  • Students Directory
  • Staff Directory
  • Business Chamber Directory
  • Church Membership Directory
  • Mall / shops Directory
  • User Directory and many more.

Advanced forms

  • Travel booking form
  • Exhibitor registration form
  • Loan payment calculator
  • Automatic quotation calculator
  • Business chamber member form
  • Conference attendance register
  • Business seminar registration (With debit/credit card payment option)
  • Car payment calculator
  • Loan payment calculator and many more

If you are still using Google forms or hard copy database registration forms, our software can help you digitize your database collection process completely.

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